Ctions. viagra canada I had myoclonus jerks and thumps that were noise-triggered (voices, usually female or heard over radio). cheap generic viagra They lasted from about sept 2010 until about march of this year. Not every day, not all day, but enough to send me to the ent. cheap viagra online from canada She prescribed a low dose muscle relaxant to take as needed. It did seem to calm them down. cheap female viagra online Eventually the thumping from people's voices went away, but i still can trigger it from time to time if i listen to talk radio/npr at too loud a volume. discount generic viagra 100 mg Needless to say, i try to avoid this. It is weird that yours returned after surgery... Did it come back right away? Is there any chance you might have palatal myoclonus as well? Surgery would not have worked for that. cheap viagra online from canada I have read that people can get botox injections to calm down palatal myoclonus. much viagra 100mg There's also a condition called tonic tensor tympani syndrome you might look into. It's somehow related to anxiety/stress, and meds (diazapam) can be used to calm it down. Ttts can cause a host of weird ear symptoms and sensations, including fluttering and clicking feelings.   sponsors     09-26-2011, 09:23 pm   # 3 myoclonusguy newbie (male)   join date: aug 2011 location: mcallen, texas, usa posts: 8 hugs: 0 hugged 0 times in 0 posts thanks: 0 thanked 0 times in 0 posts re: myoclonus in ear thanks for the reply. Well if the muscles indeed have been cut and they did not form back together it must be my etube that is in spasm. viagra 100 mg nebenwirkungen The weird thing is up until recently the only thing that really triggers it is waking up in the morning. zoloft e viagra You know how when you wake up and you kinda stretch involuntarily? That is when it starts to spasm. I dont know if its the stretching or whether or not i wake up with the twitch or the twitch does the waking? buy viagra cheap I find myself afraid to make a wrong movement when waking up lol and this really sucks. Its weird because when i am fully awake during the day i stretch and there is no spasm. So its only the act of waking up that causes it. viagra purchase online   similar threads thread thread starter board replies last post eustachian tube dysfunction? Please answer. viagra online without prescription Kellysmum ear, nose & throat 35 09-20-2012 02:40 pm twitching in eardrum bg77 ear, nose & throat 5 09-24-2011 10:02 pm tapping in.