Little or no effect on vision.   however, in some cases the epiretinal membrane may slowly grow more prominent and begin to cause disturbance or mechanical distortion (“wrinkling”) in the macula which may in turn lead to blurring and/or distortion of the center portion of vision in the affected eye.   these effects on vision may grow slowly worse over time.   an epiretinal membrane does not make an eye go completely blind.   it typically affects only the center area of vision and does not cause a loss of the peripheral (side) vision. buy viagra Is an epiretinal membrane the same as macular degeneration? where to buy viagra tablets No! free viagra trial voucher   an epiretinal membrane and macular degeneration are completely different conditions affecting the retina.   for information about macular degeneration please see that specific section on the vrs website. Is there treatment for an epiretinal membrane? Yes. viagra online without prescription   an epiretinal membrane can be treated with surgery.   however, not all epiretinal membranes require treatment. Treatment is unnecessary if the epiretinal membrane is mild and having little or no effect on vision.   only cases in which the membrane is causing disturbing visual symptoms require consideration of surgery. happens if women take mens viagra There is no non-surgical treatment for an epiretinal membrane. What is epiretinal membrane surgery like? The surgery for an epiretinal membrane is called a vitrectomy. viagra no prescription   this surgery is usually done as a day (outpatient) surgery using a local anesthesia. female viagra que es   the surgery consists of making very small incisions on the white part of the eye (the sclera) 3 mm behind the edge of the cornea.   while looking into the eye through a microscope the surgeon can use a variety of very specialized instruments placed through these incisions to work within the eye.   the vitreous gel is first removed and replaced with a specially designed saline solution.   the surgeon can then “peel” the membrane from the surface of the macula. viagra without a doctor prescription   at the end of surgery very fine absorbable sutures are used to close the incisions.   newer surgical techniques and instrumentation may allow the surgeon to perform the surgery in some cases through tiny “self-sealing” incisions that do not require sutures.   this new technique allows faster healing of the eye with minimal or no post-operative ocular irritation. viagra canada   what is the postoperative care like after epiretinal membrane surgery? buy viagra without prescription A patch is worn over the eye until the mor. snl viagra commercial video