Health cold & flu search cold / flu symptoms/diagnosis treatment flu shot facts share free cold & flu newsletter! cheapest generic viagra Sign up discuss in my forum h1n1 swine flu claims lives of 28 pregnant women by kristina duda, r. side effects of recreational viagra N. , about. Com guideoctober 5, 2009 my bio headlines forum rss follow me on: facebook twitter for the first time ever, the cdc has begun tracking the effect of the flu on pregnant women. viagra canada din Since h1n1 swine flu became a pandemic, it has become clear that pregnant women are at high risk for complications from the virus. order viagra online Because this population has never been so closely monitored before, it's not clear whether or not the seasonal flu is as serious for pregnant women, but the belief is that it is probably not. Although pregnant women are considered in a high risk group for both types of flu, it seems that h1n1 swine flu is causing more serious illness and more frequent deaths. viagra price in mumbai The virus has only been around for about 6 months but it has already caused hundred pregnant women in the us to be hospitalized in the icu and 28 of those died. So what can you do if you are pregnant? The most effective way to protect yourself from the flu is to get a flu shot. viagra price in mumbai Many people are concerned about the new h1n1 swine flu vaccine because they feel that it hasn't been adequately tested. However, it was made in the same way that the typical seasonal flu shot is made using the very same process, it's just a different virus. This is not even an unusual change because the viruses that are used in the seasonal flu shot are changed every year. It has also gone through many trials in the us over the past couple of months and has proven to be both safe and effective. viagra online without prescription You should also make sure others who live in your household get the vaccine as well. cheap viagra If you or someone in your home develops flu-like symptoms, contact your health care provider as soon as possible so that you (or the person who is sick) can begin taking an antiviral medication. viagra cost Comments (0) see all posts share prev next comments no comments yet.   leave a comment leave a comment name* email: (never displayed) * url your comment* line and paragraph breaks are automatic. viagra online Some html allowed: , , , say it! Related articles signs of h1n1 in pregnancy - avoiding h1n1 virus while pregnant h1n1 flu shot – should those trying to get pregnant receive the h1n1... H1n1 swine flu - all about h1n1 swine flu h1n1 and pregnancy - what pregnant women need to know about the h1n1 flu h1n1 swine flu high risk groups - who is at high risk for h1n1 swine flu related searches swine flu pregnant women flu explore cold & flu must reads what is the cold/flu? Symptoms of the cold/flu diagnosing the cold/flu treating the cold/flu answers to your flu shot questions most popular cold or flu quiz - do you have a cold or the flu viral in.